What is Text Summarization?

Text summarizers are capable of extracting the most significant information from source papers and converting it into a reader-friendly summary.

The quantity of information available on the internet is unlimited. Consider a typical college student who must read hundreds of pages of documentation each semester. This is why text summarization is required.

The primary goal of text summarizing is to extract the most precise and helpful information from a huge document while removing unnecessary or less important material.

Text summarization can be done manually, which is time-consuming, or automatically using online summarizing tools and AIs, which is faster and a superior alternative.

What is Text Summarization?

Text summarizing is the process of reducing lengthy papers to concise paragraphs or phrases. The technique extracts important information while also ensuring that the paragraph's meaning remains consistent. This helps to shorten the time it takes to understand huge texts, such as research articles, without omitting any important content.

Outcome-based Text Summarization Types:

1. Text Summarization Based on Extraction

Extraction-based summarization is a straightforward procedure. The summary is created by extracting the most essential words and phrases from the source text and compiling them together.

In this summarizing method, there is no rephrasing or use of synonyms. The words are extracted in their whole and slightly modified to provide structure to the statement. Because there are no synonyms or rephrasing, the summarizing process is simplified.

2. Text Summarization Based on Abstraction

Abstraction-based summary is more difficult to master than extraction-based summarization. It extracts the original and most essential sentence from a text document and replaces it with appropriate synonyms. As a result, it will appear to be an entirely new text yet will have the same meaning as the original text.

That is why it is difficult since it is difficult to find the proper synonyms and rephrase while maintaining the same idea. For example, if the original text is "Peter was hurriedly descending down the stairs. He slipped, fell, and shattered his ankle," the abstraction summary would be "Peter broke his ankle after slipping while rushing down the stairs."